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Whisperings,Champagne and Stars

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I'm a concept of my own imagination.

I'm Just a girl living in an
unraveling rose bud of an
living a life of Melancholy,
exclamation, and tea.
Uni student of English and Drama.
Pierced & tattooed.
1920's enthusiast.
Book sniffer and collector.
Serious Tea addict.
Monroe worshiper.
Tea is my self medication,
Painting is my meditation,
& Lack of kindness is starvation.
I Really Love The Great Gatsby & LOTR.

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     I Love you all, Followers & friends- new and old <3
     Thank you for following me,
     I know im not that special nor am I famous or anything ( yet!)
     But i promise I have alot to give <3
     Dont you ever give up.
     S m i l e. ♥ Always smile. Chin up, lovelies.
     The earth says hello.

     Much love,
     M e l l o x 

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